Elias Silvershaft

Elias Silvershaft

Height: 6’4"
Weight: 200lbs
Race: Half elf
Class: Paladin
Role: Defender
Hair Colour: Silver
Skin Colour: Pale
Eye Colour: Purple

Path of the Paladin

Elias Silvershaft is a half-elven Paladin who travels with Maienna Sedana and Sifar Thruddson as a team. Elias was born to father Dorlas and mother Ivy in Waterdeep. They were both rich but their lawful behaviours had made them many enemies. When Elias was five, and had been sent to a boarding school, a group of bandits who had once been brought to justice by his parents lured them outside of the city and murdered them. Elias was brought back an orphan, and soon sent to live with a group of Monks where his uncle Erlos was a member. Elias proceeded through the next nine years of his life as a monk in training, but was heavily dissatisfied with the mundane lifestyle he was living. However, near his sixteenth birthday, he discovered the identity of his parents’ killers and wanted only to bring them to justice. As soon as he turned sixteen, leaving his uncle’s care, he respectfully declined the offer to become a Monk, instead seeking an order of Paladins. He spent the next two years learning all he could of their ways, and he accomplished in two years what many cannot in ten. On his eighteenth birthday, he passed a series of trials and was named a true Paladin. He was given his armour as well as his inheritance, which his uncle had specifically given to the Paladins on the grounds that they would take in Elias. With this came his father’s sword, Demon-bane. Elias took up this sword, and set out on his first journey; to find his parents’ murderers and to bring them to justice.

Justice and Revenge

While Elias had thought he had discovered the killers’ hideout, he stormed it only to find that they had since become the ring-leaders of a huge group of bandits. Elias managed to survive the encounter with many of the lowlife scum of their organisation, but was wounded in the affray. Elias_Silvershaft_Bloodied.png He managed to return to Waterdeep where he found healing services. He returned to the Paladins to ask for advice, but they reminded him that a Paladin does not act through revenge, but justice. Severely shaken by the fact that he had been forced to kill the men, as well as not being able to heal himself, he sought the help of a young bard passing through Waterdeep, Wil Longhorn. Wil was highly gifted in speechcraft, as well as healing and through many months of training, so was Elias. He also purchased a shield with which to defend himself. Elias told Wil of his thirst for justice against the bandits who had killed his parents, and Wil agreed to accompany him until this task was done. Will_Longhorn_Bard.png The pair raided a further three bandit camps until they managed to find Mordan, a man who was under direct orders from the ring-leaders. Faced with the offer of freedom if he forsook the leaders and told the duo of their location, Mordan gave up the information that would lead to his leaders’ doom and eventually his own. Elias and Wil left the camp, with the last piece of information they required. They stocked up on supplies before heading out to the specified location. There were many bandits in wait for them, but through a mixture of both speech and combat all were either defeated or had fled. Those who were on poor pay and had little loyalty to the leaders fled, while those who had good pay as well as loyalty were foolish enough to fight the pair. Eventually they made their way to the room where the leaders had holed up. Two were ordered to attack, while the other stood back watching over. Both Elias and Wil wounded the two leaders, but they kept on attacking and so the pair were forced to kill them. They converged on the final leader. He proved more difficult. He was a highly skilled swordsman, who also had a clear proficiency in magical arts. However, the pair eventually overcame him, having had to sever both of his hands. Bandit_Near_Death.pngThe man goaded them into killing him, especially Elias. Wil stayed back; it was a decision that Elias and Elias alone could make. In a blind rage, he raised his sword, only to remember the words of the Paladins. He sheathed his weapon, and the pair of them healed the man’s wounds enough to keep him from bleeding out, before tieing him up and dragging him to Waterdeep to face the penalty for his numerous crimes. Wil would now set off on his own adventure, deciding to become not only a bard, but also a chronicling adventurer. He would go on quests with various other adventurers, and write poems and songs of what he experienced with them. He would later compose a song of Elias’ triumph over the bandits as well as the thirst for revenge, greatly increasing the Paladin’s fame across Faerun.

Keep on the Shadowfell

Coming to Winterhaven

Elias eventually came to an old road leading to Winterhaven, accompanied by fellow adventurers Sifar Thruddson and Maienna Sedana. However, before they could reach it, they were ambushed by Kobolds. Though the group were heavily outnumbered, they managed to defeat their adversaries. After a lengthy fight in which Elias’ first action was to trip over and hurt Maienna, the trio made their way into Winterhaven, where they heard of strange news. Apparently Kobolds have been gathering outside the walls of Winterhaven. After resting, the group decided to investigate these rumours to find that they were anything but. The group once more emerged victorious from their scuffle, thanks to more accidental damage to Maienna courtesy of Elias, and some well-thrown pinecones to which beasts everywhere fell prey to Sifar. The group returned briefly to Winterhaven where they stocked up on supplies and where Elias found a blacksmith who improved the sharpness of Demon-bane. The group were asked to clear out the nest of the Kobolds. Wanting to investigate the rumours of sacrifices, the group decided to do this. They set out for the Kobold’s nest, not knowing what awaited them.

Elias Silvershaft

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